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Technical Bibliographies
for the Coalfields of Georgia Basin, British Columbia

compiled by Gwyneth Cathyl-Bickford, P.Geo.

Georgia Basin, in southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State, contains several coalfields of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary age, which have formed the basis for a substantial coal-mining industry since their discovery in the mid-1800s.

Geologists, paleontologists and mining engineers have been studying these coalfields since their discovery, and a considerable body of technical literature has been developed over the past 150 years. Much of the technical information on the coalfields is contained in reports which were commissioned by the various coal-mining companies, and by the trading-houses which dealt in Georgia Basin's coal. Such reports, being originally intended for limited distribution, have seldom been included in bibliographies and indexes other than those pertaining to the archives and museums where the reports have been preserved for public study.

The object of these bibliographies is to integrate the industrial literature with the more well-known output of universities, professional societies, and geological survey organisations. Bibliographic data were originally compiled in support of Westwater Mining Ltd's ongoing geological research. We are now making this information more widely accessible, in the interests of public education.

Bibliographies are available for the following areas:

Excluded from these bibliographies are reports which have not yet been released to the public domain: these include some of Westwater Mining's own reports for in-house and third-party use, as well as geotechnical reports in support of construction projects, and coal and petroleum assessment reports recently submitted to government agencies.

As with any work of this nature, these bibliographies are necessarily works-in-progress - the reader is invited to suggest additions and corrections. 

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