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Chapter I: 

Chapter II: 
Regional geology of the Wellington Seam

Chapter III: 
Structural and Sedimentologic Patterns of the Wellington Coal Bed at Wolf Mountain Colliery

Chapter IV: 
Petrography of the Wellington Seam at Wolf Mountain Colliery

Chapter V: 

Chapter VI: 


Appendix I:
Borehole data summaries and stratigraphic interpretations

Appendix II:
Proximate, sulphur and calorific value analyses of the coals of the Extension Formation

Appendix III:
Measured sections of the Wellington Seam and associated strata at Wolf Mountain Colliery

Appendix IV:
Glossary of words used by Vancouver Island coal miners to describe geological features




Cflwynir y llyfr hwn gyda chariad a diolchgawrch i'w destun... yr gwythien Welyngdwn.

Field and laboratory investigations were supported in part by an NSERC grant and a B.C. Geoscience Research Grant to Dr. R.M. Bustin.
Substantial financial support was provided by the Geological Survey Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mid-Island Coal Company, Smoky River Coal Limited, Toyomenka Canada Ltd. and Westwater Mining Ltd.
Material support was provided by BP Canada Inc., the Coal Mining Research Company, the Groundwater Division of the Water Resources Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, and the British Columbia Archives and Records Service.
Library research was aided by Brian Young and Terry Eastwood at BCARS, Liz Johnston at ERCB, Fariyal Pirani at UBC and Mary Akehurst at GSC.
Fieldwork, both surface and underground, was aided by Craig Roberts, Geordie Hall, John Burns, Georgia Hoffman, Esther Lobb and Kate Slater.

Thanks are due to my supervising committee: Professors Bustin, Barnes and Savigny of the Department of Geological Sciences at UBC, and graduate advisors: Professors Fletcher and Ross.

Bendith iddyn nhw, tri glowyr marw: 
Stan Lawrence, rheolwr yn Nglofa Tsable River, a Trevor Jahn a Ferris Dewan, glowyrs yn Glofeydd Wolf Mountain a Westray. 
Bendith yn fawr.

Diolch iddyn nhw, y preswyr o: 
Media House, Coal House, Greywoods House, a Lamey's Mill. 
Diolch yn fawr.

Pa wlad wedi'r siarad sydd
mor lan a Chwaeraeth lonydd?

Dyma'r llyfr roeddwn i'n edrych amdano. Dyna ddigon; newch fel y mynnoch chi.

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